We design exhibitions & attractions to tell meaningful stories

We have been exploring the narrative, poetic and creative power of audio-visual media and digital art in analogue spaces since 1994.

The aim of our work is to create inspiring environments that leave captivating impressions in the memories of our clients and their audience.


We combine media + space to invent new, targeted, site-specific and unique solutions.

We design & build projects throughout all project phases:
from the first idea up to the final implementation.

We build relationships between our clients and their audiences.


We are curious to learn and understand our clients’ needs to provide tailored services.

We consult, design, build and produce
for project engagements and product partnerships.

We are looking forward to work with you!

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We aim for the smile, before any award.

Our biggest pride lies in the feedbacks and smiles of our visitors and of our clients.


We are team players

We develop projects together with scientists, a wide range of specialists, artists, musicians, planners, architects and tech suppliers.

While growing and conceiving new projects, we are always looking for diverse talents.

Stanley Bruzzese

Executive Assistant

Luc Moser

Head of New Business & Executive Producer

Francisca Castro


Angel Garcia

Jr. Art Director & Graphic Designer

Gaël Perrin

Creative Director

Jan Köpper

Concept Designer & Creative Producer

Marc Tamschick

CEO & Creative Lead

Alix Sinha

Corporate Brand Manager

Christiane Meyer-Ricks

New Business Lead & Narrative Designer

Christina Roth

Head of Finance & Administration

Mathias Schumann

Office Manager

Veith Michel

Creative Producer

Carsten Maas

IT Administrator

Nicolas Köster

Bidding Producer

Lars Wolf

Project Manager

Dirk Ostkamp

Technical Director

Ivan Bichenko

Creative Technologist

Anton Bohlin

Creative Director

Nikolai Gamasin

Art Director

Michael Koch

Head of Production & Executive Producer

Stanislav Yakymenko

Media Designer

Charlotte Tamschick

Head of Concept & Executive Creative Director

Mattis Gutsche

Art Director

Celia Staffa

Jr. Creative Producer

Camila Bernal Samper

Concept Designer

Carsten Schildwächter

Project Manager

Elisa Broß

Concept Designer

We love interesting minds with positive energy.


We are an ever-evolving studio that continuously reinvents itself, constantly looking for inspiring and talented team players with diverse knowledge and competencies:

Note: We accept applications through our job portal only. Expect a reply within 3 weeks.
Please read requirements carefully before sending application!